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Our Services

 Detail Design and Prototyping
VEA Product Design can rapidly turn a concept into a preliminary design that can be rapid prototyped. Whether you need SLA's, Cast Urethanes, FDM, 3D printed, Machined or Sheet Metal Prototypes we can help get them made.
 Production Tooling Coordination
VEA Product Design can coordinate or just facilitate production tooling and turnkey manufacturing of newly designed parts. We can work with your existing vendors or our manufacturing partners. Whether you need on-shore or off-shore tooling and manufacturing we can help find the right solution for you.
 CAD Services - Surfacing and Model Creation
High End Surfacing:
Create native feature based CAD models from imported IGES files. Typically for reverse engineering or Industrial Design reasons.
 CAD Services - Drawing and Assembly BOM's
Drawings and Documentation:
At the end of the project when you need to finally document the product for ongoing production and manufacturing - we can help.

VEA can create animation from the CAD models for marketing and web sites.
 CAD Systems
VEA supports both industry standard CAD platforms, Solidworks and ProEngineer Wildfire.s