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Rapid Manufacturing

GlobalTech Plastics designs and builds tooling with “proven and reliable Domestic or Asian sources” to get the very best prices and lead times. Additionally they mold and provide finished valued added molded product in there own manufacturing plant.
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RPDG provides the following turnkey solutions that combine development and manufacturing into one, seamless process:
>Rapid Prototyping (CNC, SLA, SLS, FDM, RTV, Sheetmetal)
>Tooling (Rapid, Bridge, Production)
>Production (Injection molding, Die Casting, Sheetmetal)
>Contract Manufacturing

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GVA represents World-Class, domestic manufacturers who have come to be known as the benchmark in their respective industries and process. Check out their website for information about GVA, the Principals that they represent and the different manufacturing processes that they work with.
>Direct Process Involvement (Investment, Sand and Die Casting; Permanent Mold; and Custom Cold Heading, etc.)
>Process Referral (Powdered Metal, Stamping, etc.)
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