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 Industrial and Commercial

Plastic Enclosure
Housing to GPS/Video Compression device.
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Espresso Maker
Portable espresso maker for outdoor enthusiasts.
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Bottle Lid
Molded plastic 2 piece cap that controls fluid flow with 1/4 turn of cap.
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Pneumatic latching valve manifold. Valve closes at specific pressure and must be manually reset.
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Pizza Oven
This is a rotation rack pizza oven. The design consists of complex sheet metal structure and AC gear motor for rotating the rack.
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Metal Enclosure
This design consists of two molded housings that snap together around circuit boards and mounting collars.
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3CC plastic molded syringe.
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Batter Charger
Sheet metal enclosure with metal hinged door to house telescoping LCD display.
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 Aerospace and Military

Aircraft Grip
Investment cast grip on military fighter aircraft.
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Communication Panel
This design consists of machined and painted housing. The faceplate and buttons illuminate.
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Skin Cutter
Pierces skin before application to extended coverage area.
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Dental Spreader
This device aid the bite adjustment by holding the marking film for the Dentist.
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